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Paragon is dedicated to delivering the best possible, most creative solutions to our clients. We will do this through our continued investment in our employees, community and innovative leadership.

Paragon Communications is a leading supplier of refurbished Avaya, Cisco, and Legacy Nortel telecommunications equipment. Our overall objectives are straightforward; to offer creative, enhanced, and flexible levels of responsiveness to meet your service needs.

Paragon’s simple but critical mission statement helps keep us focused and has served us well. Our success in the telecommunications business has been a result of our ability to manage an important combination of our customer and employees needs.

Managing to meet these needs has never been easy. Our customers are demanding and deserve exceptional service and support at a reasonable price. Paragon employees must have the right environment, tools and internal support to effectively service the customer. By understanding these needs and maintaining our focus we can meet your needs as well as those of our employees.

Our company approaches the selection of what refurbished Avaya, Cisco, or Legacy Nortel product line we will send and service by asking ourselves these two important questions:

  • Can we install this product in a timely and quality manner that will enhance our reputation in the industry?
  • Can we offer our service at a competitive price?

We have ability to discriminate and apply our resources in areas in which we excel. This will ensure your daily and ongoing service needs are promptly and professionally addressed. You will receive the highest possible level of customer satisfaction. By maintaining our business focus, we will grow with you, and bring you responsive, cost-effective and value-added services.