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We are the industry leader in refurbished Avaya phone systems, and we stock a complete line of unused Avaya telephone products as well as refurbished phones.

IP Office

Avaya IP Office telephone systems are a one-stop solution for small to medium size companies. The IP Office is built on Avaya’s latest advancements in voice and data technology. All size companies can benefit from what IP Office can deliver to their operations. The IP Office supports a wide range of phones designed to work with the IP Office. The Avaya IP Office provides companies with a selection of solutions to meet customer service needs.


The Avaya Definity phone system offers the complete telecommunications solution. The Avaya Definity is reliable, scalable and secure. The Avaya Definity system can easily grow. There is virtually unlimited potential for growth. This is a perfect solution for mid to large businesses.


Avaya Partner is a reliable and powerful system with multiple features and options. Partner is designed to help meet today’s complicated business needs for small sized businesses. The Avaya Partner supports a wide variety of features to give greater control. Partner systems are simple to install, saving time and money. Installing additional modules or telephones is also simple. Avaya Partner also has features to integrate data, voice and internet connections.


Avaya Merlin phone systems, cabinets and processors are ideal for small companies that are looking for versatility and low cost. The Avaya Merlin phone system has multiple configurations and they are easy to use. Some Merlin phone systems can vary from two to thirty lines. This makes Merlin a great choice for any small business.

Merlin Legend

Avaya Merlin Legend phone systems are making life easier for many companies. The Avaya Legend phone systems are convenient and productive. The Avaya Merlin Legend phones are making it easier to receive calls, messages and data.

Merlin Magix

Merlin Magix has the ability to meet the telecommunications needs of small or medium size companies. The Avaya Merlin Magix is a great choice for small businesses looking for a flexible system with a lot of features. The Avaya Merlin Magix system can be enhanced by adding any of the applications available from Paragon.

Analog Phones

The right analog phone is key to simplifying communications and enhancing an employee’s efficiency. That is why a wide range of analog phones are available from Paragon. Avaya analog phones have an intuitive layout of buttons and screens, and are designed to help your employees work more productively.

Avaya Communications Manager

Our full suite of tools provides various functionalities across data and voice networks — such as switches, routers, and call servers — that reduce overall maintenance and installation time.


Paragon offers an industry leading warranty for new and refurbished products and accepts approved returns for up to 30 days.



Our industry leading repair facility has over 100 certified technicians to support client needs.