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Polycom Soundstations deliver the world’s best audio quality for any conferencing situation. It’s the closest thing to handset audio quality. We supply the full line of Polycom’s audio and video conferencing stations. Polycom’s full-duplex technology allows you to talk and listen at the same time just as naturally as if you were in the same room, a perfect addition to your phone system.


SoundPoint Pro

Polyspan SoundPoint Pro desktop conference phones help smaller rooms and offices get the same full duplex clarity as a boardroom. This is done with a front microphone, optimized for hands-free, one-to-one phone conversation. Press the rear microphone key for group conferencing with 360 degree coverage. The user can have up to a three-way unassisted conference right from your desktop. It can be used as a handset, in speaker mode, or attach a headset. Change modes with a touch of a key or by lifting the handset.

SoundStation Conference Phone

The economical choice for everyday business audio conferencing, its distinctive, award-winning design is familiar throughout the world. The Polycom SoundStations Conference Phone makes natural, full-duplex (two way) conversations easy without distortion or clipping. Simple to use and install, extension microphones expand range for medium to large rooms.

The SoundStation EX Conference Phone offers all of the features of the SoundStation with two external microphone ports and optional extended microphones for additional coverage and greater microphone pick-up.

SoundStation Premier Conference Phone

One of the three console microphones on the Polycom SoundStations Premier Conference Phone is always intelligently directed at the person who is speaking, with the ability to switch among the three mics up to 250 times per second. Sound quality is incredibly close to handset conversation quality. Optional infrared remote control and extended microphones with separate mute buttons let participants move around the room freely. Expands to serve demanding boardroom and training applications.

Polyspan SoundStation Premier Satellite

The Polyspan SoundStation Premier Satellite system adds a second powerful speaker to the one built into Polyspan SoundStation Premier, to fill almost any size room with crystal clear sound. You can also get up to seven directional microphones for broader coverage. Featuring a modular, portable design, Polyspan SoundStation Premier Satellite is easy to install and customize for the largest conference or boardrooms. Other features include convenient console connectivity for a standard analogue phone line, an RCA jack that allows you to record calls, and an interface to connect a telephone handset for privacy.


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