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Legacy Nortel

Legacy Nortel telephone systems have become synonymous with quality, reliability and scalability. From remote and branch office solutions to huge campus networks, customers have come to depend and trust on Nortel’s profit building applications and features for their mission critical voice communications.




The CS1000 series includes Nortel Meridian Option 11C, Option 61C, Option 81C, and Option 11 Mini phone systems.


Option 11C
Option 11C is the optimal choice for stand alone or networked sites with expandability from 60 to 800 ports. Option 11C systems deliver advanced applications including e-Mobility, unified messaging, ISDN networking and sophisticated call center capabilities with Symposium- in a compact solution that easy to install, maintain, and operate. With the additional wall or 19″ rack-mountable cabinets to help you minimize space requirements, Option 11C provides the perfect fit for medium-sized offices.


Option 61C
Option 61C is a carrier-grade platform supporting both traditional voice and Voice over IP communications for enterprises requiring from 200 to 2000 lines. With “five-nines” reliability, it delivers applications and features including support for traditional and IP telephones, IP and 802.11 Wireless IP Gateways, Unified Messaging, Call Center applications, PC-based System Management, remote solutions, and multimedia communications


Option 81C
Meridian 1 Option 81C delivers traditional voice and Voice over IP communications for large enterprises requiring from 200 to 16,000 lines. With five-nines reliability, the refurbished Nortel Option 81 C delivers a broad set of applications and features, including digital and IP phones, traditional and unified messaging, IP gateways, call centers, PC-based call management, 802.11 Wireless communications, intelligent remote solutions and support for multimedia communications.


Option 11 Mini
Meridian 1 Option 11 Mini is an excellent choice for a networked branch office for a networked branch office and is optimized to support from 60 to 128 ports. The Option 11 Mini has all the attributes of the Option 11 but in a smaller-chassis package. Refurbished Option 11 Mini chassis allows you to mount it in a standard 19″ rack along with other Nortel Networks applications and data products. For customers with larger networked sites, the Option 11 Mini can easily be expanded to multiple chassis with an upper limit of 800 ports. With its installation flexibility and its breadth of Meridian 1 applications – Option 11 Mini is a formidable communication system extending all the power and benefits of a Meridian 1 network to small branch offices.


Paragon Communications offers the complete Norstar portfolio of telephone/key systems. The Norstar line offers solutions for small-to-medium sized businesses and branch offices, and is expandable from 1 to 272 ports. Every Norstar Integrated Communications System (ICS telephone systems) is a fully digital platform that brings all of your communications together right at your desktop – including fax, e-mail, computer, and telephone.


Business Communications Managers (BCM) delivers small and mid size companies and branch offices the only industry-wide converged voice and data solution. The refurbished Nortel BCM is providing customers a choice of either an IP-enabled or pure-IP strategy. With unified messaging, multimedia call-center and wireless e-mobility capabilities, Nortel BCM Business Communications Manager enables communication on a single application while providing users flexibility. The Nortel BCM leverages existing Norstar and Meridian investments. For more information about the refurbished Nortel BCM, please call us toll free at 877.483.5366.


Our data services include Meridian Cards, Voicemail for both Meridan and Norstar, and Call Center Systems.


Meridian Cards
Paragon carries various kinds of Meridian cards, including Dual Port cards, Digital Line cards, Analog Line cards, and Universal Trunk cards


Meridian and Norstar Voicemail
Meridian Mail Net Gateway is a networking solution that enables users to connect multiple voicemail systems using private networks or the public Internet. Designed around VPIM (Voice Profile for Internet Mail) standards, Net Gateway treats voicemail just like regular Email – enabling easy and efficient transfer of voice messages through any type of network that is compliant with TCP/IP Internet communications standards.

Net Gateway yields the capability to exchange messages between Nortel Meridian VoiceMail, Norstar VoiceMail, and any other systems that use standard networks as a transportation backbone. Net Gateway takes messages sent through Meridian’s Enterprise Networking system, converts them to industry standard electronic mail standards and delivers them through a company’s wide area network (WAN) or the Internet to another site. Any system that is compliant with VPIM standards – such as Norstar Mail 3.0 – can be attached to this larger voice mail network.


Call Center Systems
Nortel Automatic Call Distribution systems use digital technology to provide full integration of Norstar telephone sets and reduce the number of ports required. Supporting from 2 to 120 lines, and 2 to 80 agents, Norstar Automatic Call Distribution provides call center solutions for small and medium sized businesses.


Paragon offers an industry leading warranty for new and refurbished products and accepts approved returns for up to 30 days.



Our industry leading repair facility has over 100 certified technicians to support client needs.