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Paragon Communications Escalates Environmental Leadership by Disclosing Plastic Footprint

Paragon Communications Escalates Environmental Leadership by Disclosing Plastic Footprint

Telecommunications and Electronics Remanufacturer Partners with the Plastic Disclosure Project and EarthPeople on Corporate Citizenship Initiative

Bolton, MA (PRWEB) December 3rd, 2012

Paragon Communications, Inc., one of the nation’s largest remanufacturers of enterprise and consumer electronics, has partnered with the Plastic Disclosure Project (PDP) to track and improve its plastic waste stream. Building on a foundation of environmental stewardship as a telecommunications and electronics recycler, PARAGON has voluntarily disclosed its plastic waste through the PDP, an annual disclosure process endorsed by the Clinton Global Initiative and other NGOs committed to conservation.

Mismanagement of plastic waste is a growing and serious problem. Approximately 85% of total global plastic used is not recycled. Instead, plastic waste has the potential to stay in the environment for hundreds of years, putting our food chain at risk. Conversely, by treating plastic as a resource, companies can often save or even make money, as well as minimize their environmental impact. The Plastic Disclosure Project engages with companies to help them measure and disclose their plastic usage, offering strategies such as an annual disclosure to prompt management, investors, and customers to consider plastic waste in their decision-making.

“PARAGON’s commitment to disclosing its plastic footprint demonstrates exceptional leadership in addressing a critical global issue. Our goal is for companies to follow PARAGON’s lead in using PDP as a tool to encourage innovation, seize economic opportunities from plastic waste, and reduce environmental impact,” said Andrew Russell, Director of the Plastic Disclosure Project. PARAGON’s voluntary plastic disclosure is a natural extension of a company whose purpose is to extend the lifecycle of products and keep toxins out of the waste stream.
“With electronic waste representing 70% of toxins in our landfills, it is imperative that organizations put policies in place that specifically address this crucial growing problem. In turn, we are pleased to work with PDP to make sure our own waste is managed properly, including plastic,” said David Yered, president of the asset management division and V.P. of facilities for PARAGON. The company has also contracted with sustainability consultancy EarthPeople to identify further opportunities to improve its ecological footprint and overall corporate social responsibility strategy.

“In addition to operating on a strong foundation of environmental stewardship, we are proud to be creating so many jobs in the United States,” added Paul Gentili, CFO of PARAGON. PARAGON and its companies will bring approximately 200 employees to the Bolton economy when it occupies its new global headquarters in January 2013. PARAGON is also investigating incentives for integrating solar and other renewable energy technologies into its new facility. “I’m so excited,” said Bolton Town Planner Jennifer Burney. “The best thing, it’s a green company that fits in with Bolton.”

About Paragon Communications, Inc.

Paragon Communications, Inc. is one of the nation’s largest remanufacturers of enterprise and consumer electronics. Headquartered in Bolton, Massachusetts, PARAGON occupies a 300,000 square-foot campus stocked with an extensive inventory of recovered, refurbished and remanufactured telecommunications equipment. A partner of Avaya and Samsung, PARAGON and its companies draw on established relationships with original equipment manufacturers to offer clients flexible, scalable solutions. An industry leader in terms of expertise and domestic job creation, PARAGON leverages in-depth product knowledge across its enterprises through PartSmart™, a proprietary system and innovative service-based approach to asset management. For more information, please visit

About the Plastic Disclosure Project

The Plastic Disclosure Project (PDP) is a multi-stakeholder led initiative requesting corporations and institutions to assess and disclose their production, use, and handling of plastics and plastic waste. The goal is to create a world where plastic is used, but causes no impact on the environment, and by measuring one’s plastic use, it makes it much easier to manage, and treat as a resource. The PDP was announced at the Clinton Global Initiative, and is operated by Ocean Recovery Alliance, a Hong Kong and California based non-profit organization. For more information, visit

About EarthPeople

EarthPeople is a communications and consulting firm that transforms organizations through profitable sustainability strategies. Since launching in 2005, EarthPeople has provided advisory services, reporting, GHG and plastic disclosures, training, and specialized communications to clients from startups and non-profits to Fortune 500 companies and municipalities. For more information, visit